Brief von Sr. Lucy, Sommer 2021

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Dear Friends,

Hope you are doing well! You all remain very dear to my heart. 

We have been working tirelessly in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.

The second wave of the pandemic hit us and impacted the way we live and also caused a large-scale impact on the economy globally. Maher presently has 58 homes in six states of India, and is full of activities, I am very grateful to the divine energy for keeping all of us safe and healthy.   There has been a shortage of vaccines, but managed to give all our staff and children over 18 years their first dose of the vaccine.  For the women, children and men who do not possess an Identity card, (Aadhar Card) which is mandatory, it was a task.  However with great difficulty we succeeded. A few states are still struggling to deal with people who have no Identity Cards. It was indeed a challenge to get more than 500 of them vaccinated.  A few of us above the age of 60 years, have also taken the second dose. 

Two of our youth and a few of our staff were affected with Covid, but we could manage without hospitalization.  Sr. Brony needed to be hospitalized, but she recovered soon.

We have also been extensively working to reach out to the poorest of the poor with distribution of food grains kit, masks, sanitizers and nutrition.  Our help has been extended to people with our Ambulance service, a home for quarantine and a short stay home for the elderly and children for the families affected by the Covid. We have shown compassion and empathy and offered a helping hand to those in need during this extraordinary time.

The children and youth are badly affected by the pandemic; all the schools and colleges have been closed. Children are having homeschooling and online classes, hence we geared up and got them laptops and mobiles to enable them carry on with their studies.  This has been very challenging for the younger ones. Besides homeschooling various activities have been organized to keep them busy, as the new way of learning was very boring for them.   They are missing their friends and teachers in school. Various matches like football, cricket etc. were organized at our various centers.  The children were so excited, full of enthusiasm and enjoyed every moment.

During this period of Covid, we have taken admissions of 221 women, 89 men, 116 children, 14 new born babies and the naming ceremony of 3 children as well as had 11 marriages.

Our new office and children’s home “Swagat” (Silver Jubilee house) was inaugurated on the 25th of May 2021.  We missed the physical presence of all our friends.  We are now also busy with planning for the 25th Anniversary of Maher, which will be held on the 5th of February 2022.  I humbly request your presence with us and request you to book your date for Maher.  I live in hope that the dreaded corona virus will leave us by then and hopefully life comes back to normalcy.

Soon we will be having 3 more weddings of our orphan girls. As usual, finding the right partners for all of them is a joy and a challenge.

All our people are very happy to have a new home “KARUNALAYA” for destitute homeless men and “KINARA” home for aged men.   This now makes 58 homes in Maher.

I join my hands in deep gratitude to each one of you my dear friends.  Without your commitment we could have done nothing.  Your love, encouragement and monetary help made us reach where we are today.

Attached are a few pictures of the recent wedding, football match, distribution of food grain kits & nutrition, Ambulance, home for quarantine, home for men.

We share our good wishes for your well-being and safety.

With abiding love and blessings.

Sr. Lucy

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